Pennsylvania Tactical Education Center Ltd.
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Firearms & Defensive Tactics Training
Mission Statement

At Pennsylvania Tactical Education Center, Ltd. our goal is to provide the training necessary to develop the fundamentals and knowledge required to own and operate a firearm safely and responsibly. 

Our training ranges from NRA FIRST Steps Pistol, Basic Pistol Training, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, and Refuse To Be A Victim seminars.  Also, we have added a Multi-State, Non-Resident, Florida and Utah Concealed Carry Course.  These permits along with a resident permit will allow concealed carry in over 35 states!  Non-Resident CCW classes can be grouped togeather or taken individually.  All of our firearms training satisfies the State of Florida requirements and can be added to any of our pistol courses.

Courses are affordable and designed to to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and use a firearm safely and effectively.  Classes are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Our approach to instruction places considerable emphasis on group interaction, student participation and safety.  To ensure students receive individual attention, our class sizes are kept small.  Courses are conveniently scheduled, including weekends, to accomodate your demanding schedule.  All experience levels are welcome, but no experience is necessary to attend many of our classes.  The proficient use of firearms requires proper training and continued practice. 

The right to keep and bear arms was a priveladge bestowed upon Americans by our founding fathers over 200 years ago.  It is every law abiding citizens duty to uphold this right in a responsible and effective manner.

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